Create QR Codes With URL Tracking For Free

www.mobi007.comWant to create QR Codes with tracking and do it for free? Sure you do and all you need is a simple to use URL shortener script called “YOURLS”. One thing to note before you go any further though is you can only track URL’s with this method, but very powerful.

For the WordPress lovers (I am!) there is a plugin that will allow you to interface with the installed script. You can make short URL’s. More about that later…

What I love about this free method is you can change the destination URL at any time! This means if you put a QR Code into print such as a magazine, you can change the URL that people are sent to making the life of it basically forever.

Plus you can use the built-in tracking area to get an excellent overview of performance. If you are in the business of providing mobile services to clients, this will have them knocking your door down and/or ringing your phone for more.

You can either install for your client and charge them, install on your server and give them a login or just provide them with screen shots. Totally up to you!

There are also MANY plugins for free. Some will even allow you to export data and present it to a client (NOTE: In the next release / update there will be a plugin to allow “multi-users login from my understanding).

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