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Lets face the facts and get right to the point: Webinars are wildly popular these days for small and large businesses. They can save users money by preventing travel and make the presenter money by showing the views in real time what they have to offer.

Lets face another fact: Webinar platforms can be expensive…

Now for another fact: I just found a WordPress plugin that blew me out of my seat. It is called simply “Hangout Plugin“. You can now run unlimited webinars with UNLIMITED attendees using Google Hangouts. Hell, even the President of the USA uses Google Hangouts to hold LIVE conferences with us.

use google hangouts to run webinars

One last fact: This is so darn cheap (limited time – 7 days only) that anyone can now afford to run unlimited webinars!

As normal I tested the plugin before even writing this post. It works and it works great. I will point out though that there is a lag of about 30 seconds. Meaning? From the time you speak and transmit your video the end user sees it about 30 seconds later. NOT an issue and this is caused by Google/YouTube service, BUT damn the video is high quality. Will be using the “Hangout Plugin” to run my free webinars over at PushButtonSoftware.INFO in the coming months.

From my test of this Google Hangouts webinar plugin I found the video to be much, much better than Skype. I will even venture to say it is just as good as GoToMeeting and a heck of a lot cheaper. Keep in mind that this WordPress plugin is a one time payment so NO MORE monthly fees to run unlimited webinar’s with unlimited seats.

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Before I close up and get back to work on some new software, I wanted to also tell you about the bonuses provided:

Hangout Plugin



As always I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and check things out. I believe in value BUT I live for quality products with a price tag we can all afford. The Hangout Plugin for WordPress will allow you to run unlimited webinar’s with unlimited seats and is it top notch quality. Not to mention priced at a crazy price for the next 7 days.


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